> Is there any good USB drivers for USB mass storage like USB flash
> disk? I hope the driver can support USB 2.0.

There's currently two drivers under development:

Georg Potthast's DOSUSB supports UHCI, OHCI (USB 1.x) and EHCI (USB 2.0)  
controllers and comes with some drivers (e.g. a disk driver, IIRC a  
CONFIG.SYS device driver):


A demo version (don't know about limitations) is available for free.  
Otherwise, see this site for licence/prices:


Bret Johnson's USBDOS package currently includes support for UHCI (some  
USB 1.x) controllers only. This means it won't work with OHCI (other USB  
1.x) controllers, and will only work at USB 1.x speeds with EHCI (USB 2.0)  
controllers if they have a companion UHCI controller. Most EHCI  
controllers either have UHCI or OHCI companion controllers. It comes with  
a disk driver TSR and some others. The programs and their entire source  
code is available free under a simple Copyleft-license (i.e. derivative  
programs have to use the same license) from Bret's pages:



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