> Dosbox is an emulator that emulates an x86 processor and PC hardware
> In this way, it is similar to qemu or bochs

good ...

> It goes one step beyond in that they added to the emulator a
> DOS-like interface that maps the native file system into the DOS system calls,
> as well as the remaining DOS and BIOS system calls.

> I might add that I would not generally recommend using
> the DOSBox built-in DOS

To be useful for me, 2 things would have to change:

- Remove the word "DOS" from the name (the thing is unable to boot
into a PC, so it's not a OS and thus not a DOS)

- Remove the "DOS-like interface that maps the native file system"
(so turn it into a clean 80386 / 80486 / early Pentium PC emulator)

~~~ wow ~~~

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