I need advice on both the INSTALL and USE of FreeDOS.

I have been running from the ISO after booting from GRUB (the "Live" version) 
within VMware Player (on Vista host), and I am wondering if this is the best 
to do it  (no persistence).  I would like it to run utilities, like  
disk/filesystem checking on other partitions and devices, and perhaps  more 
complex software, maybe even games.

I have some questions about using FreeDOS on a multipartitioned UFD  (USB 
flash/thumb/stick drive).

*  The FreeDOS ISO is located on a 2 GB UFD device in a FAT(16) partition  
(total partition size 250 MB).  This partition contains the GRUB  loader/files, 
by the way.

* The other 1.7 GB of the UFD is a  FAT(16) with BartPE installed;  it used to 
boot, but in creating  the 250 MB partition (using Gparted) and installing 
I get a 0x7B  processor halt blue screen which probably means that BartPE does 
not  know where to get its driver (but I suppose that is a question for  

* The FAT(16) fs format seems reasonable since no  partition bumps up against 
the 2 GB limit of this fs type, and it makes  the partition readable to many 

1. It is better if I have FreeDOS actually installed instead of running from 
ISO, right?

2. If the answer to #1 is yes, how would you recommend installing FreeDOS to a 
partition on the UFD?  I have Vista as a primary work system for me, and I have 
installed the Hitachi Microdrive driver that permits  Vista to see mount all 
Vista-compatible partitions on a single UFD  device.

3. What should be the partition type if not FAT16, and  what should be the size 
of it, if not 250 MB?  At this moment, I can  resize the FreeDOS partition 
there is  much free space and no user data.

4.  I know that MS-DOS-derived/based disk operating systems (like FreeDOS) have 
the limitation of NOT recognizing multiple partitions on a single physical 
storage device (HDD, UFD).  But does FreeDOS not subject itself to that 
limitation?   Or is there a utility run in FreeDOS that gets around that 

5.  Please show me a link to web document that explains how to expand the  
usefulness of FreeDOS, including archives where software running on it  might 


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