> Is there any SATA driver available on DOS can access SATA hard drivers?

What's the problem? BIOS usually supports SATA. Use IDECHECK
to test the performance before complaining.

> The long answer is that drivers such as UIDE which Bernd mentioned and which
> can be found on   http://johnson.tmfc.net/dos/driver.html
> may give you faster than BIOS access to your SATA harddisk.

Even longer: those drivers may speed up access to BIOS-visible
disks only, they won't find disks not visible to BIOS.

> Beautiful is writing same markup. Internet Explorer 9 supports standards for 

No it doesn't, and doesn't work in FreeDOS either.

> Spend less time writing and rewriting code and more time creating great
> experiences on the web

Spend less time with obsolete proprietary stuff ;-)

> Be a part of the beta today http://p.sf.net/sfu/beautyoftheweb

Beta what??? The link is broken, anyway :-D

~~~ wow ~~~

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