Hi, just weakly responding since no one else has (yet),

> (Ray Davis): I got that message running:
> 4DOS ATTRIB /A:-A -H -R -S /D /S *.*
> on a 14G FAT32 partition about 66% full.  It was at the end of the
> screen display.  I assume the operation terminated early.
> What does it imply?

Since 4DOS is a 16-bit .EXE (8086 compatible, even, if you're using
Lucho's final 8.00 build), I'm not surprised. 14 GB is a *lot* of
space, so there are probably lots of subdirs. All it basically means
is that nobody ever bothered to test a (FAT32) drive that big or else
(assuming it would even help) it needs the stack increased (probably
meaning recompile, and good luck, I think MS VC 1.52 is the only
compiler that works, ugh). I'm sure there are probably algorithms that
can handle such, but I don't know what they are!

You could always use a DJGPP tool to do it instead. "chmod.exe .../*"
would probably work somehow (blindly guessing), and I know you can use
stubedit to change the stack size if necessary. I would even suggest
normal FD attrib or Charles Dye's attrib, but I don't know (and mostly
doubt) if either of those would work better (both 16-bit).


Success or failure reports welcome.

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