Hi Bret,

> I checked the system's state with INSTALL=DEBUG.COM on a boot disk
> (Rugxulo's bare DOS disk, with a 2008-03-08 kernel, build 2038) and
> it appears fine to me. Memory that belongs to the
> configuration/initialization program is allocated to a PSP at
> segment 60h (!) which is properly set up except there's no MCB in
> front of it. (This means programs that display a process's name
> display garbage instead.)
> Some simple tests, including resident installation of a TSR that
> uses process relocation and the new Int21.4C method, passed.
> Tell us the programs that are used and their versions, that might
> help.

The TSR I'm working on can't be published just yet, so that's not an option 
right now.  It's also _really_ complicated, so I'm not sure anyone would want 
to mess with it anyway.

I'm using an older version of the kernel -- I'm not sure exactly which one 
right now, but it's one from right after FreeDOS version 1 was released.  I'm 
working with some other programmers who are using the latest versions of the 
kernel.  I can find out exact details if it might help.
> Can you reproduce the crash with a minimal (dummy) TSR? Could you
> make a TSR available that causes this crash?

I don't know -- I'll see if I can create a "simple" TSR that still has the 


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