From Bug 1900 in the FreeDos Bugzilla Archive

"Out of memory loading STRINGS
Failed to load the strings resource into memory. The location pointed to in
%COMSPEC% seems to be invalid

This error always occurs when first loading the program and there
ought to be enough RAM  (these are all fast-ish systems - no 386's).

The error will always re-occur on the same PC however it is started and what
freedos is loaded on (CD, hard disk and floppy have been tried)

I suspect the fault may be down to memory management in the kernel rather than
freecom although I can't confirm any of this."

I have just experienced this error on a new software release.

As stated only some systems give this error (in my case at a specific point in the software package), some others exhibited random disk I/O errors.

My problem was caused by loading DOS high prior to starting JEMMEX in (fd)config.sys, the JEMMEX notes specify that DOS=HIGH must be after JEMMEX is loaded.

Interestingly several sample FreeDOS fdconfig.sys files using HIMEMX instead of JEMMEX load DOS high before HIMEMX.

Hope this info will be of assistance to others.
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