A new version of mTCP is available in the usual place: 
http://www.brutman.com/mTCP .

If you are on an older clone machine and you have not been able to make 
the larger apps run correctly, then you want this version. The Watcom 
compiler runtime that I am using now was incorrectly flagging some 
machines as NEC PC9801 compatible, which was crashing machines that were 
not PC9801 compatible. Some of the machines that were hit by this bug 
were the Compaq Portable and the Epson Equity series. It is a priority 
to me to make sure that these older machines run well.

(If your clone machine does hot have a normal looking copyright date in 
BIOS at FFFF:0005 then you were probably being hit by this bug. DHCP 
would work fine, but the bigger apps like FTP, IRCJR or Telnet would 
crash when sounding the beeper or reading the keyboard.)

There were some minor TCP/IP changes too to make it more robust if the 
apps run out of buffer space. This version is built using Open Watcom 
1.9; previous versions of mTCP were built using Open Watcom 1.8.

One last note - if you have any problems at all, just drop an email. 
Also, if you are using mTCP on your machine I'd like to know what kind 
of machine it is - I'm compiling a list of machines that I know it works 
on. That will help me with compatibility testing so that I can avoid 
hiccups like the one above. The partial list at the moment is the PC, 
XT, AT, PCjr, Epson Equity, Compaq Portable, generic 386-40, Victor 
Technologies 'Vicky', generic 286-12, generic Pentium class machines, 
DOSBox (using the Hal-9000 builds), VMWare and VirtualBox.


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