A new DRIVERS.ZIP file dated 28-Nov-2010 is available at

The CD/DVD audio track-number error, found by Nagatoshi
Uehara and corrected in UIDE, has now been corrected in
the non-caching UIDEJR driver as well.

Also, the XMGR driver has been updated to do normal 64K
byte XMS moves in protected-mode, with a /Z switch that
requests older 2K byte moves for a system needing them.
For compatibility, /Z has also been added to UIDE along
with UIDE's older /N4 switch, which works the same.

 From file-copy testing in protected-mode, the change to
XMGR seemed "minor", as it gave only a few milliseconds
improvement.   However, "Khusraw" has a video-animation
"decoder" program, which makes heavy use of XMS and now
is visibly faster!   So, the updated XMGR might benefit
other protected-mode users with equally "XMS intensive"

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