On 12/3/10, D. R. Evans <doc.ev...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm running the LiveCD (fdbasews.iso).

I haven't used that lately, so I can't remember (and it's not
available on this machine either, so I can't check).

> Where on the c: drive is an autoexec.bat file that I can edit so as to
> change the path when running from the LiveCD?

If all you want to do is change the path at runtime, "path
c:\dos;c:\blah;%PATH%" etc.

> (In other words: where on the C: drive does the live CD look to see if
> there's an autoexec.bat file that it needs to execute?)

Typically, C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT is what you want. But sometimes FreeDOS
renames it FDAUTO.BAT, which is allowed in FDCONFIG.SYS (loaded if
CONFIG.SYS not found) in SHELL via /P:FDAUTO.BAT.

Long story short:  check your root for (FD)CONFIG.SYS and see what
SHELL= says.    ;-)

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