> http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/faq/cgi-bin/viewfaq.cgi?faq=General_Information/225
> says obscurely "a little tweaking (of the boot sector "linear partition
> position" / hidden sectors value) should make LBA booting on any drive
> letter possible", but it does not specify what to tweak and how.

This is not related to your problem, unless your drive C: (atypically) is  
a logical partition. Primary partitions should work just fine. The  
mentioned tweaking is meant for developers.

Make sure the file KERNEL.SYS exists in C:\. Update to kernel 2038 or 2039  
(from the FreeDOS mirrors) and use the updated version of SYS in there to  
install that kernel. If that doesn't make it work, try using the SYS  
option to force the access method to LBA or CHS. You can also try the  
option that will hard code a BIOS drive number (usually 80(h) is the right  
for hard disks) into the boot sector instead of relying on the BIOS to  
provide the correct one.


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