From: Rugxulo <rugx...@gm...> - 2010-12-04 19:34
>Il 04/12/2010 19:14, Fabrizio Gennari ha scritto:
>I installed FreeDOS on a partition of my HD, but, when booting it, it
>says "Loading FreeDOS no KERNEL SYS".
>FAT32 partition? What kernel version, 2036 (from FD 1.0) or newer??

FAT32. How do you tell the kernel version? It's from the full ISO of FreeDOS 

>Searching the Net, someone said the partition must be primary and have
>the bootable flag set. Even in that case, it does not boot from CD.
>not sure I understand here.

Sorry, my mistake. The FreeDOS CD boots and can see the FAT32 partition. It does not boot from the HD: it gives the message "no KERNEL SYS".

From: Christian Masloch <c...@bt...> - 2010-12-05 00:11

Update to kernel 2038 or 2039 (from the FreeDOS mirrors) and use the updated 
version of SYS in there to install that kernel.

Where do I download the new kernel and the new SYS? I guess that, after the 
download, it's a matter of unzipping in the right folder...


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