On 12/4/10, Marco Achury <marcoach...@gmail.com> wrote:
> A serious bug keep frozen the development of Euphoria programming language
> for DOS about one year.  Now the bug appear to be solved and is needed
> testing
> and help to update the DOS branch with new features included on Win and
> Linux.
> <cid:part1.04090108.07090704@gmail.com>See at:
> http://openeuphoria.org/forum/m/113776.wc

"For convenience, you can download a complete tarball of the DOS
Euphoria source code here:


Why nobody bothered to keep it at least compiling with OpenWatcom
(Win32 host) is beyond me. You can't fix anything if it won't even
compile. It is far from obvious what to do to build this (no
instructions in docs). configure.bat won't run in DOS (uses CMD.EXE
features), and --without-euphoria apparently doesn't work anyways. One
IRC dude suggests using binary build from Jeremy's site "as close to
r2433 as possible", so that's here (4 MB):


But I'm out of time now, so I'll have to try this again later. Just
FYI in case anybody else wants to (also) try.

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