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Anyone know why there's no simple bootable floppy image available in the 
downloads section of http://www.freedos.org/freedos/files/, one that could 
format and/or sys C:?
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 It may be cause it is so easy to make a boot floppy,no one thought it is 
I booted with the CD, then useing the FreeDos in the CD,.C:\fdos\bin if I 
remember correct,
 useing FORMAT/S A: ,..this formats the floopy as system disk, it should be 
This also works if you have freedos, or any dos already on you HD,... then I 
added  afew files,.. such as edit, I made my autoexec, and config sys, the way 
I wanted, of course on a floppy there is not much room,for much more then to 
make it bootable, however I am not useing OS2,  nor linux, so ...this worked 
for me , useing windowsxp, and or also useing
FreeDos, after I had installed it and had the CD drive working...I have several 
bootable floppys, but have never tried this, I guess I could make a image, and 
put it on my dropbox,..
 I may just do that this evening, I to never had given it a thought, as it is 
easy to make the floppy, and also so few people use them.
 Any  way good luck,...from 

   1. boot floppy (Felix Miata)

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