On 1/12/11, James Collins <james.collin...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> The part of the email that goes from where? I don't have in my email.
> I have a folder on my desktop on my MacBook pro that I want to copy into
> freedos. I copied the folder to an external USB floppy on my laptop. But
> freedos isn't recognizing it.

FreeDOS doesn't directly support USB, even at the best of times. You
need a separate driver, e.g. http://www.bretjohnson.us ... but I'm not
sure that'll work for your Mac.

Aren't Macs (even x86 ones) lacking a BIOS? EFI or whatnot, but it can
fake it for Windows (BootCamp)?

> I was thinking that this might be a virtualbox
> issue rather than freedos.

The only way to share files in VirtualBox from host to DOS is (I
think) MS SHARE networking. Even if I knew what license that was (I
don't) or where to get it, I wouldn't know how to use it anyways, and
it sounds ungodly difficult (for me). So I never use that (sorry!).

> I am going to try and figure out how I can get
> freedos to recognize my floppy drive.

It recognizes normal PC floppy drives, even USB ones, but your Mac is
probably too different (without some kind of BIOS, hopefully BootCamp
provides one, I dunno).

> Is there a way to have freedos recognize files on my hard drive? Like can I
> copy files from my macs hard drive into freedos?

FreeDOS only reads and understands FAT12/16/32, which your Mac almost
certainly doesn't use by default (HFS?). Maybe you could install

> The part of the email c:\old etc. I dont understand?

Sorry, I missed the obvious problem that you're using a Mac.
Traditionally Macs have been ten thousand percent incompatible with
normal PCs (Wintel), but even now running x86, there's almost no
chance. I say "almost" because maybe?? someone somewhere figured out a
way. And BootCamp does run Windows, so there's a glimmer of hope, but
not much.

Sorry if this isn't much help. I just want you to be aware that you
may be barking up the wrong tree.   :-/      You might be stuck to
emulation (VirtualBox, QEMU, DOSBox) only, which is sad (and slow)
when the underlying processor is the same. Linux has some Mac support
(surprisingly), perhaps you can run that + DOSEMU. I dunno, this is
all horrible advice, sorry, just grasping at straws.

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