Hi! I am using FreeDOS + dosemu in Linux to make some old but very
valuable apps work. Please, let me warn you that this may be a dosemu
problem/bug, but I find the project quite "quiet", so I am taking the
odds to ask here :-)

So far, the apps are doing *splendid* except in printing. Somehow,
every time I close dosemu, garbage is sent to the printer, but only if
one of this apps were ran.
I have been searching the web to no avail.

The only change I did to the standard dosemu + freedos Debian packages
is increasing the number of files and buffers in config.sys. I
actually added a 0 to the end of the default values, wich may be too
much, perhaps.

As extra data, my printer is an Epson LX-810 working trough CUPS. The
same behaviour can be obtained either redirecting dosemu's printer
output to a file.

So, if you have any idea that I could try to fix this, I will really
be happy to test them.

Kinds regards, Lisandro.

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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