I appreciate the interest in mTCP, but there is a limitation you need  
to be aware of.

The mTCP DHCP client is designed for the mTCP applications.  You can  
use it and adapt it to do other things, but you will have to write  
some scripts or code to take the output from the DHCP client (a text  
file) and make it usable for whatever app you had in mind.

For example, if you liked my DHCP client and wanted to use it with  
WATTCP applications, you would have to run my DHCP client, extract the  
IP addresses that you need from the MTCPCFG file, and then put them in  
the WATTCP config file.

I don't know what it takes to make it usable for something like the MS  
SMB client - it can probably be done/adapted, but it's not something I  
thought about and I don't expect it to work 'out of the box'.  It only  
works out of the box with the other mTCP applications.


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