Hi Garry,

> A while back someone asked about getting a ISO image, or a floopy bootdisk 
> 1.44mb

Did somebody suggest


already? It is from 1 year ago and available as 1-3 floppy
bootdisks of 1.44mb each. You can also download a combined
2.88mb boot image based on the first two floppies :-).

> I took the liberty to make these images, hope it is ok,..

Of course :-)

> they worked fine on my computer, and also when I downloaded them and useing 
 > ver.3.7 http://www.poweriso.com copied to a floppy , still boot fine.
 > I did not try burning these to  CD,...there are 2 disks, one has a
 > few utilitys, such as edit, keyb,..the other is just a boot disk,
 > thats all it dose is boot, one could build a batch file, etc,
 > with it...as it dose have the basic, command.com kernel and sys.

Sounds interesting.

> I would be interested in know how they work on any other computers,
 > but also am not responsible for anything. So any way if anyone can

As long as you are interested in improving them :-p

 > use these,they are welcome to get them.
 > http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15387474/FreeDosBootWithutilities.daa
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15387474/FreeDosBoot.daa

I assume DAA only works with Poweriso? How about 1:1 raw floppy
images or simple ISO files for the CD case?

> I also have the same, in a .bif form, but did not post the link,
 > also drop box, as in this form they still have to be converted to a 

> Any way hope someone finds these useful, and like I said, I would
 > really like to know how they work on others computers, or don't,
 > if they don't. My computer is IBM, I made the disks simply useing
 > the /s in the format, then I added the edit and a few other files,

You get more flexibility using SYS after format.

 > to the one. So I don't know ,they might not boot on other machines..

That would probably depend on drivers, but most DOS things are generic.

 > I am curious about this. Thats all for now, from Garry

Thanks! Regards, Eric

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