Hi Bcpino,

> - DOS Idling
> Under MS-DOS a idler is needed to avoid the guest DOS use many cycles
> in the host PC. Do FreeDOS have the same problem and needs dosidle.

Ironically, at some point you had to avoid using idlers such as
"fdapm apmdos" in Bochs, because it tried to be too smart ;-)

To be exact, when you did HLT to reduce CPU load, Bochs simply
was happy to be able to simulate faster, so some games etc went
too fast while you had idling drivers active.

However, I think most virtual computers, including Dosemu, now
save host CPU load if you use idling drivers inside DOS, so I
would generally recommend them. The FreeDOS kernel even has a
(minimalistic / simple) built-in idling function which you can
activate via fdconfig.sys or config.sys - it needs no extra RAM.

The command for that is IDLEHALT=1 Possible values: 0, 1, 2, 3
for none, normal, Windows-silent, Windows-visible where the two
last values refer to the int 2f.1680 "release time slice" call.
This may change in the future. Still, 0 is none, more is more.

Other fun FreeDOS config.sys extensions are VERSION=xx.x and
ANYDOS=1, SCREEN=xx (for example 0x12 for 8x8 font, 50 lines)
Those and more are explained in the config.txt file :-)

Regards, Eric

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