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> With all the discussion on mTCP it seems this package is getting a  
> lot of attention.
> Is there any update as to when we might be able to get source or  
> even just a binary library?

Short story - working on it.

Longer story ..  it's all my original code and I have copyright to it.  
  However, the large corporation that pays me insists on approving any  
open source contributions.  (Which is reasonable.)  So you can imagine  
the look on people's faces when I said "I want to start a new open  
source project, for DOS."  I seriously don't think they know what to  
do. :-)

A binary library is possible and I originally started down that path,  
but it makes more sense to just have people include the original  
source code and directly compile and link in everything they need.   
Otherwise they wind up dealing with whatever compromises were compiled  
into the library.

It is all evolving as I learn ..


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