Hi Eric,

From: Eric Auer <e.auer@jp...> - 2011-01-25 08:44
>Hi Roy,
>> I'm trying to create a FreeDOS based netbootdisk.com bootdisk by
>> replacing IO.SYS/MSDOS.SYS/COMMAND.COM with FreeDOS kernel 2039 FAT32
>> and FreeCOM. But I found that INSTALL=tunz.com line in CONFIG.SYS
>You cannot just replace IO and MSDOS sys, you also have
>to use FreeDOS SYS so the kernel is loaded by a proper
>FreeDOS boot sector in the right way.

Of course it did SYSed to floppy with SYS A: /BOOTONLY

>> cause "TUNZ: Bad file table" or "TUNZ: Warning: Bad file CRC error"
>What is TUNZ? Which options for TUNZ do you use? Where
>can it be downloaded? Does this also happen if you load
>TUNZ from autoexec instead of from config?
>> with zero-ed file output, which do not happen in MS-DOS or Enhanced
>> DR-DOS. What's wrong actually and will developers fix this in the
>> future?
>For that it would be good to know what TUNZ is, among
>other things :-)

Isn't it announced in the past? It is a clone of PKUnzipJR.



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