Hi all,

> I'm trying to create a FreeDOS based netbootdisk.com bootdisk by
> replacing IO.SYS/MSDOS.SYS/COMMAND.COM with FreeDOS kernel 2039 FAT32
> and FreeCOM. But I found that INSTALL=tunz.com line in CONFIG.SYS
> cause "TUNZ: Bad file table" or "TUNZ: Warning: Bad file CRC error"
> with zero-ed file output, which do not happen in MS-DOS or Enhanced
> DR-DOS. What's wrong actually and will developers fix this...

My current impression is that not FreeDOS is the problem but
INFO-ZIP is. Background: INFO-ZIP uses slightly more modern
features (e.g. extra header fields) than the *very* minimal
TUNZ "tiny unzip" tool can handle, causing various failures
when attempting to unzip files with TUNZ. This does not seem
to depend on which operating system kernel you are using...

That said, there are alternatives and workarounds:

advzip -z2 file.zip tunes zip files to make data
more compressed but headers more simple :-)

PKUNZJR is a bit more flexible than TUNZ, still small.

ftp://ftp.cs.pdx.edu/pub/elvis has a tiny 17kB tool
for gzip -d and tar -x unpacking, called UNTAR :-)

Thanks to Rugxulo for those tiny-tools suggestions!


http://mengelke.mine.nu/download/dos/tunz.com (Lucho's 2560b PKUNZIPJR)

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