Hi Japheth and others,

I'm now using HDPMI with many softwares, such as:

- HDPMI32: 7zip, Antiword, Delta, DosFsCk, DosLynx, FTE
  Editor, InfoZip, Less, Links, NDN (Navigator), PmSmtp32,
  SET Editor.

- HDPMI16: Paradox, Vision Editor.

Two questions remain however:

1. IMP archiver (Technelysium Pty Ltd., 2000)

   So far I have only been able to run IMP with DOS4GW.EXE
   that comes originally with it. It does not work at all
   with either HDPMI16 or 32.

   This is OK for me, but it would be nice if I could use
   HDPMI :-)

   Are there any HDPMI options that can be tried here?

2. Vision Editor (Andrzej Brzezinski & Marek Kosznik, 1993)

   Vision Editor, an old but useful shareware, runs
   perfectly with HDPMI16.

   However, because it hogs the CPU, I have been using
   Tame, which introduces a problem. After Tame, HDPMI16
   and Vision are all unloaded, XMS memory is not freed as
   it should. This is reported by the MEM command. Other
   programs cannot run, and the machine must be rebooted.
   Is there a solution?



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