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On 2/16/11, Marcos Favero Florence de Barros <fav...@mpcnet.com.br> wrote:
> I'm now using HDPMI with many softwares, such as:
> - HDPMI32: 7zip, Antiword, Delta, DosFsCk, DosLynx, FTE
>   Editor, InfoZip, Less, Links, NDN (Navigator), PmSmtp32,
>   SET Editor.
> - HDPMI16: Paradox, Vision Editor.
> 2. Vision Editor (Andrzej Brzezinski & Marek Kosznik, 1993)
>    Vision Editor, an old but useful shareware, runs
>    perfectly with HDPMI16.

You mean this Vision Edit or something else? Yup, same authors:


Not sure what it does so uniquely, esp. since you already use FTE,
NDN, and SET (though I sympathize with your curiosity).   ;-)

EDIT: I guess you mean the "registered" VED286.EXE (which isn't openly
available) since apparently the normal shareware one isn't using DPMI
16-bit at all.

>    However, because it hogs the CPU, I have been using
>    Tame, which introduces a problem. After Tame, HDPMI16
>    and Vision are all unloaded, XMS memory is not freed as
>    it should. This is reported by the MEM command. Other
>    programs cannot run, and the machine must be rebooted.
>    Is there a solution?

You said you use real FreeDOS, does TAME work with that? (I guess I'm
to infer that it does not.) You mean you're trying this old
(non-Windows) version?


I don't understand what "hogs the CPU" means in this instance. Nor do
I understand why that's such a problem. (Doesn't DOS always hog the

If XMS isn't being freed, it's either a bug in your HIMEM or a bug in
TAME or a bug in VED or maybe just a design limitation. I don't know.
Try using FreeDOS' HIMEMX or Jack Ellis' XMGR.


Or just search for latest Borland 16-bit RTM etc. files' updates.
Something like GVFM probably has latest, blindly guessing.


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