I had seen the original suggestion to use CTTY to redirect the console 
to a serial port but

I had seen the original question on how to redirect DOS to use the 
serial port and I probably should have chipped in then, but now you know 
the limitations of CTTY.

CTTY to a serial port only works for programs that use the DOS system 
calls to generate output and read from the keyboard.  It doesn't work 
for anything that uses BIOS calls or directly manipulates video memory.  
It might be able to handle Ctrl-C correctly but it definitely can't 
handle Ctrl-Break.  In short, it is very limited.

Programs that use ANSI escape codes to paint and manipulate the screen 
will work in theory, but there are very few of these.  Some of the early 
versions of the Norton Utilities can use ANSI instead of direct screen 
writes, but this technique did not catch on because it is very slow 
compared to "normal" BIOS calls or direct manipulation of the screen.


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