In reply to  my suggestions,  Jim Collins wrote:

>> set HOME=.
>> set wattcp.cfg=%HOME%

>> set wattcp_cfg=.\
>> with an underdash, not a dot.

> I edited lynxbat.bat to have the underscore with no luck

 Did you try 
 set HOME=.\
 set wattcp_cfg=%HOME%

 I am not sure whether "." only shall work,
or whether you must use ".\" to mean the 
CWD. And what about using

 set HOME=.\
 set wattcp_cfg=.\

that is more explicit. 
>> I just tried it right now at the c:\ prompt-
>> c:\fdos\lynx> lynx
>> c:\fdos\temp\: no such directory

> the sign was part of the prompt.

 So your current working directory was c:\fdos\lynx ,
and the wattcp.cfg file was there. So, where the 
reference to c:\fdos\temp\ came from ?

Try the command 


without any parameters. This shall display
all your environment variables, with the
implicit values already explicited.


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