On March 14 Jim Collins wrote:

>I don't think the wattcp.cfg file is a problem, at least 
>judging by the error messages I have been getting (even 
>though I did copy wattcp.cfg into the directory where the 
>lynxbat.bat file is located)

>an error I get often is:
>Configuration file /dev/env/DJDIR/lib/lynx.cfg is not available

>I have a file in the dir where I have lynxbat.bat that is 
>called lynxcfg.cfg, I don't know if this is the file they 
>are referring to. I have opened lynxcfg.cfg and read some. 
>when I type out lynxcfg.cfg it says a couple of things,

>1. it has a comment right at the top and it calls 
>the file lynx.cfg
>2. it has a comment that says the default location of this file is:
>/usr/local/lib/lynx.cfg (unix)
>I am running mac os x, which I think is a form of unix. 
>I went into a terminal on my host computer but I cant find 
>those folders they don't match my host computer.

 Michael Brutman asked an important question:
What version of lynx are you using ? 

 I add these other questions:
1) You say you are using mac os x. This means you are running 
freedos under an emulator ? 

2) Where did you get yur version of lynx ? I would like to
 take a look at it.
 I use lynx everyday, but there are quite a few versions 
around, and they are not exact replacements of each other.
I do not use an emulator, but run DOS (DR, Free or MS) as
the operating system.

 AFAIK, lynx looks for a lynx.cfg file in the directory 
the lynx.exe file resides. You can change this by setting
the environment variable "lynx_cfg" . This file is
not strictly needed, because you may set all options in 
the command line, but there are so many options that it 
will be an awkward command line, to say the least. 


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