> i just tried to run ntool and i got back an ip address of:
> MY_IP=

NTOOL is a WATTCP application itself, one that is linked to a relatively recent 
version of the WATTCP library that does support dhcp properly. That means, it 
will try to get its ip parameters from dhcp if the WATTCP.CFG file it finds at 
program start tells it to do so by specifying "MY_IP=DHCP" or if it doesn't 
find a WATTCP.CFG file at all. In this case it will write something like 
"Configuring through BOOTP/DHCP" to the screen.

If on the other hand it finds a WATTCP.CFG file that defines a static ip 
address, then it will simply accept this setting, assuming that you know what 
you are doing. Nevertheless NTOOL -g " " will output the actual ip parameters 
that are in effect in this moment.

So if NTOOL just tells you "MY_IP=" without any message about using 
dhcp, then you probably have a WATTCP.CFG file somwhere which defined that 
address. Probably you just copied that file from somewhere and failed to adjust 
it to your personal needs. Try to find that file and make it "invisible" to the 
program, by re-naming it or by deleting it completely.

If that helps, you could even try whether you need NTOOL (or any other external 
dhcp client) at all. Perhaps lynx just has the very same problem? If the lynx 
version you use, is also linked to a more recent version of WATTCP, then it 
could do this all by itself. It not, you could still use NTOOL.

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