>WATTCP will access one and only one config file. 
>First it looks at the environment variable WATTCP.CFG 
>which represents a directory (not a file name!) 
>if this environment variable does not exist it uses 
>the current directory. It looks first for the file name 
>WATTCP.CFG and if not found for the file name TCP.CFG.

 AFAIK, the environment variable is WATTCP_CFG.
Some programs linked with WATTCP accept only a
path in this variable (e.g., Lynx 2.8.5, FDSMTPOP),  
others accept a filename with path (e.g WGET 1.11.1)
and, in this case, the file may have another name.

>It looks like Lynx is using WATT-32 which makes sense 
>in retrospect since Lynx is compiled with DJGPP.

>Apparently DHCP does not work right in this case.  
>I detected that Lynx sends a DHCP request message 
>immediately rather than the expected DHCP discover 
>message (which if successful is then followed by DHCP 

 I found that, if you use this wattcp.cfg file:


 Lynx (both 2.8.4 and 2.8.5) fails to configure, but if you 
have no wattcp.cfg, Lynx will try to configure first with 
BOOTP, then with DHCP, then with RARP and succeed if any is 
supported, but it takes about one minute for this. 
 DHCP.EXE from mTCP fails -- times out before getting a reply.
 NTOOL configures in about one second, but gets a nameserver 
value that does not respond to further DNS requests.
 All my tests were done under plain DOS using a dial-up 

BTW, how did you detect what messages Lynx sent? neither
-trace nor -wdebug options seem to log protocol IDs.

James Collins said:

>I have a question about lynx I went to  
>and was going to search for a video and lynx asked me 
>to download an application. 
>Just wondering if it is safe to download the application? 
>And will lynx need software to run, like will a lot of 
>sites want me to download applications and software?

>Also I wonder are there limitations to lynx running in 
>Like I wonder with YouTube how would dos play a video? 
>Just curious, I think it is neat to browse with lynx.

 Usually is completely safe, because there aren't many 
applications capable of self-starting under DOS, but 
useless, as the application will most probably not run 
under DOS, too.
 Lynx does not need any additional software to run, but 
it will not execute Javascript, nor Java, nor understand 
XML. Probably, the server in the sites you visited did 
check for a program that supports some format and, not 
finding any, offered one.
 You need video player software that runs under DOS. 
 I cannot help on this, except by telling that there 
is not any .SWF player for DOS.

Best regards

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