On 4/10/2011 5:20 AM, escape wrote:
> Vote with your wallet. I'm personally not buying any 4k drives nor for
> myself nor for companies I'm working for. When you need more than 2Tb of
> space you always can add another 2Tb drive instead of replacing old
> drive with bigger (3Tb) one.

I think that is a short term solution.  Eventually all new drives are 
going to have 4KB sectors because it is easier to ship a standard 
product.  5 to 10 years down the road 512 byte sectors will be a legacy 
OS issue.

Look at vintage computers as an example.  I use DOS because that's what 
my favorite, vintage machines support.  But finding old MFM hard drives 
that still work is getting harder and harder as the years go on.  
Eventually people decided it was time to find a more modern alternative, 
and we wound up designing and creating an 8 bit IDE card that can use 
LBA addressing.  That lets us put the larger (newer) IDE drives in 
systems that were never designed for it.  In a few years we're going to 
have to think about alternatives as the IDE drives die out.

FreeDOS will have to do the same.  Or you'll be stuck with antique 
hardware, or running in a virtual environment instead.  (Which isn't all 
that bad.)

Performance isn't much of an issue - if you really need the latest and 
greatest in performance, you are probably not running single threaded 
DOS apps. :-)


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