>> "One estimate for 4K sector technology puts this at 100 bytes of ECC 
>> data needed for a 4K sector, versus 320 (40x8) for 8 512B sectors.
> Yes, that's about 5% (5,37% to be exact) you'll gain from 4k sectors.

Perhaps a bit more than 5% due to fewer inter-sector gaps.   Since they
are kept small by hard-disk makers, my guess [only a guess] is that the
"gain" in disk capacity from 4K sectors is around 10% at best.

So I agree with "Escape" --

> The question "Is 2,1Tb [or by my guess 2,2-TB] so more capacious than
> 2,0Tb that we want to break compatibility?"

Nonetheless, I plan to at-least "investigate" buying a spare hard-disk.

The PC industry always works from an "All we want is MONEY!!" rule, and
that says only NEW-equipment sales and availability!

I "sense" a HIGH probability that 512-byte sector hard-disks shall soon
VANISH, just as QUICKLY as diskette drives, AGP cards, etc. have done!

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