Henrique Peron <hpe...@terra.com.br> wrote in

> Hi Mark,
> it's not about "willing to accept". Unfortunately, printing on
> graphics mode seems to be the only common denominator among all
> brands and models of printers.
> Naturally, if someone needs a character table which is already
> hardcoded to his/her printer, all (s)he will have to do is to
> setup his/her printer accordingly and print on text mode. However,
> many printers have a very reduced set of character tables;
> furthermore, there are a lot of codepages which I created for
> FreeDOS which naturally aren't hardcoded anywhere.
> Last but not least - the DOS drivers you pointed us to refer to
> 32-bit DOS. 
> Henrique

Ah, I didn't catch that.  You could find an older 16-bit GhostScript, 
but it doesn't sound like scalable fonts are your current goal.

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