Eric et al,

Johnson Lam has done his usual QUICK posting of my latest
UIDE/UIDEJR (since 2004 he has been THE BEST "partner" in
my driver work!) in the 14-May-2011 DRIVERS.ZIP file, now
available on his website at --


The 14-May-2011 UIDE and UIDEJR now allow 7 seconds for a
hard-disk request to complete, just like CD/DVD requests.
This should give a "spun down" disk drive enough time for
a "spin up" and should be a great help to "laptop" users.
Only 2 bytes of timeout values changed, one in "DoIO" and
one in the Identify Drive init logic -- "Not too shabby"!

Also, UIDEJR is 96 bytes smaller in memory, in /N2 "disk-
only" form, by discarding all CD/DVD "entry" logic, which
the 10-May driver didn't do.   UIDEJR is now minimum-size
in all configurations and offers more controllers/drives,
HMA loading, and many bugs fixed v.s. XDMA/XCDROM/GCDROM.
The new UIDEJR is much better for a small-driver user!

Jack R. Ellis

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