Hi Japheth,

I am glad that you are here, it is nice to have our little family 
mantaining contact.

I managed to make a Boot CD that works almost in all machines. The only 
one that is not working is "Virtual PC 2007". it locks uppun execution 
of JEMM386 from a CD image. XMGR is used because it is required by UIDE.

Image of the screen: 
Image of the CD that I used: 

The problem only happens booting from the ISO, and my problem is making 
a distribution CD with FreeDOS...


Em 18-05-2011 02:05, japhethx gmail escreveu:
>> 1). NOEMS is rarely used, and a lot of things don't handle it well.
> ...
>   >  ... I wouldn't do this. Just load a XMS
>> driver only (and not via "NOEMS").
> NOEMS is ok and safe, the switch which causes problems with some programs is
>> 2). Actually, I've noticed JEMM386 will hang if you aren't careful,
>> esp. on newer machines due to memory conflicts.
> True. In v5.74, there's a tool MEMSTAT which will tell what parts of the
> BIOS-ROM region ( which is E000-FFFF, not just F000-FFFF ) are to be excluded
> to be safe.

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