Op 27-5-2011 23:49, Michael B. Brutman schreef:
> I released mTCP as open source today: http://code.google.com/p/mtcp/

hi Michael, congratulations on possibly having the first GPL3 DOS program ^^
I seem to recall you needing permission from your employer to do this so 
thanks go out to them as well.

Hopefully this will make people come up faster with crazy stuff like:
* a WGET (and/or CURL) program based on your TCP/IP stack
* an email client
* a twitter client
* support for Wattcp.cfg from your DHCP program, or some batchmode which 
would mean returning parameters rather than writing to mtcp.cfg

As you've got a 2011 TCP/IP stack, I guess IP6 support is next? :)

even without all of the above, thanks for releasing your work. Hopefully 
it will inspire people.
Will you add the binary distribution to the same website or prefer to 
keep that to your own site?
I've still gotta experiment to see if larger MTU sizes make that much of 
a difference, but detest writing FTP scripts for each download :)

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