At 11:05 AM 5/28/2011, Santiago Almenara wrote:
>Excuse me for the OT but I think there are some that can help me here.
>I am trying to learn assembly language. Most of the books, I've 
>gotten, have its own set of libraries (eg. HLA, Irvine, etc), I want 
>one that I can learn all INT 21H functions.
>Is there one online??

Well, you are a bit hazy what you mean by "learn all INT 21H 
functions", but what's wrong with THE interrupt reference, RBIL (Ralf 
Brown' Interrupt List), which can be found as a on-line HTML version 
on Mark Perkel's web site at

I personally prefer to use an offline version of the list, using 
RBILViwer (to be found at to 
search and read instead of dealing with lain text files these days...

Also, the use (and therefor description) of those MS DOS functions is 
not limited to assembler, so in case you keep looking, don't limit 
your search to assembler resources...


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