On Sat, 2011-06-04 at 15:09 -0500, Rugxulo wrote:
> Hi, (this was mailed to list, so I hope you don't mind me
> pre-responding in his place)

Heh, this one in newsgroup came in _ages_ after I got your personal
e-mail ;)

> On Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 10:19 AM, Single Stage to Orbit
> <alex.bu...@munted.org.uk> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Japheth
> >
> > Just a note to let you know that repeated use of VIM 7.3.46 (DOS32
> > binary) will crash JEMMEX 5.74b if it is used. M$'s HIMEM and EMM386
> > works perfectly with it.
> >
> > Any ideas or workarounds?
> Sadly, I don't use VIM that much. I always forget. But IIRC it uses a
> *very* old CWSDPMI (r4). Try deleting that, and see if it helps. And
> make sure you're using "JEMMEX I=TEST X=TEST" (both).
> EDIT: Almost forgot, 5.75rc1 is out, so you should definitely upgrade,
> and try it:  http://www.japheth.de/Jemm.html
> In particular, are you using a lot of plugins? What exactly happens
> and when? It may be an honest bug due to lack of testing, they surely
> don't use DOS. But we'll need more info to reproduce it.

You were right, upgrading to v7 solved my issues!

> P.S. I also like VILE, but it's much weaker in syntax highlighting
> (which is no deal breaker to me, personally, though I suspect you're
> more particular). Just FYI, it's quite nice.

Vi(m) rocks my world, I use it for all my development. 
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