On Sun, 2011-06-05 at 20:13 +0200, japhethx gmail wrote:
> > Just a note to let you know that repeated use of VIM 7.3.46 (DOS32
> > binary) will crash JEMMEX 5.74b if it is used. M$'s HIMEM and EMM386
> > works perfectly with it.
> I tried and I have no problems with VIM - that is, I DO have problems,
> but they are not related to crashes, but to the funny user interface
> of this application...

Teehee. :)

> However, I ran the cwsdpmi host which is included in VIM with DEBUG,
> and there are indeed strange things happening when a DPMI app is
> exiting. Since this version of cwsdpmi is obsolete, it's probably not
> a good idea to invest a lot of additional time for analyzing this
> issue. Perhaps when I'm desperately bored... 

Don't bother investigating, I upgraded to v7 of the cws* programs, which
got rid of all the mysterious crashes I was having when using Vim.
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