On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 6:40 PM, Bernd Blaauw <bbla...@home.nl> wrote:
> Op 7-6-2011 23:46, Rugxulo schreef:
>> VirtualBox may?? support USB booting (or at least reading) nowadays,
>> but I've never bothered.
> My idea is indeed to find a boot environment for USB flash media, and
> test the following:
> * is USB seen as A: or C:

My old 2007 laptop (now dead) wouldn't boot FreeDOS, or at least I
never figured out how. But using a USB floppy drive (Sony), the BIOS
did recognize a small 64 MB jump drive as C:\.

> * can I boot it directly

Maybe, maybe not. Dunno, probably depends on BIOS and how you make it.
It may need an MBR, it may not, dunno. Probably have best luck using
PLoP boot manager if normal method doesn't work. But very latest
machines seem to support USB booting.

> * can I boot DOS through Syslinux/Memdisk then load USB drivers (which
> ones?!) and find ISO file on USB stick?

Uh ... sounds complicated, so I dunno, just try it!   ;-)    Seriously, no idea.

> Found your mentioned PLOP again this evening before your mail, gonna
> test in VMware :)
> Also gonna have a look at Johnson Lam's USB diskette again.

Okay, tell us what you find out (if anything)!

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