On 06/13/11 14:54, Eric Auer wrote:
> Hoi Bart-Jan,
>> I'm trying to install Freedos in a KVM Virtual Machine (Debian Stable)
>> using the base iso. However, it seems to halt at a "- InitDisk" message.
>> How do I get past this point? I've tried different hard disk sizes, as
>> small as 256MB, to make sure I would not hit any limit, but that seems
>> not to be the issue. Anyone any ideas?
> Maybe you have no FAT32 or FAT16 partitions on your virtual
> disk or maybe it has a zero CHS geometry? Note that you can
> also configure the kernel to look only at LBA, not at both,
> using the SYS tool to modify the kernel (sys config option)
> Regards, Eric
> PS: Please give more details about the message where it hangs.

Isn't the whole point of installing an OS that you end up with a partition?
What I did was create a new VM in Virtmanager, type MSDOS, with a small 
hard disk and booting from the freedos CD image. What I would expect is 
an installer guiding me through whatever 'nexts' to go before reaching 
'finish'. Instead I got the message above, right after the GPL message.

I've also tried feeding it a MSDOS partition (which isn't easy, I doubt 
many are aware about kpartx), I do get a warning message:
  - InitDiskWARNING: using suspect partition Pri:1 FS 06: with 
calculated values 509-15-63 instead of    31-254-63
C: HD1, Pri[ 1], CHS=    0-1-1, start=     0 MB, size=     250 MB

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