Op 13-6-2011 17:28, Bart-Jan Vrielink schreef:
> Isn't the whole point of installing an OS that you end up with a partition?
> What I did was create a new VM in Virtmanager, type MSDOS, with a small
> hard disk and booting from the freedos CD image. What I would expect is
> an installer guiding me through whatever 'nexts' to go before reaching
> 'finish'. Instead I got the message above, right after the GPL message.
> I've also tried feeding it a MSDOS partition (which isn't easy, I doubt
> many are aware about kpartx), I do get a warning message:
>    - InitDiskWARNING: using suspect partition Pri:1 FS 06: with
> calculated values 509-15-63 instead of    31-254-63
> C: HD1, Pri[ 1], CHS=    0-1-1, start=     0 MB, size=     250 MB

Strange that the kernel freezes, instead of loading further to process 
Is KVM's virtual machine emulation complete enough to put any DOS on it? 
As in most FreeDOS related issues I'd recommend testing on MSDOS first.
Is your above mentioned message obtained from when booting from that 
harddisk (thus containing KERNEL.SYS) or booting an installation 
diskette or cdrom?

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