Hi Bart-Jan,

> Isn't the whole point of installing an OS that you end up with a partition?

It sounds very dangerous to modify the partition scheme
of your host operating system (e.g. Linux) while that is
running but has no influence on what is going on. So I
strongly suggest to NOT use DOS to repartition your disk
from inside the KVM. Instead, use for example GPARTED,
as that will take care to remind you which partitions
you have to unmount while moving things around. You can
even use that to format FAT partitions, I think. About

> I've also tried feeding it a MSDOS partition (which isn't easy,
> I doubt many are aware about kpartx), I do get a warning message:

In what way is it hard and what is kpartx? Maybe we have
to clarify whether you plan to install DOS on a diskimage
or on your raw harddisk before discussing other details.

>   - InitDiskWARNING: using suspect partition Pri:1 FS 06:

Partition type 06 is FAT16 non-LBA. Because it is non-LBA,
FreeDOS expacts your CHS values to make sense, usually in
the way that a partition has to start and end at the start
and end of a cylinder (CHS=?-1-1 to CHS=?-max-max)... You
seem to have an ambiguity whether you have 16 or 255 heads
but at least 63 sectors per track are consistent here...

> with calculated values 509-15-63 instead of    31-254-63
> C: HD1, Pri[ 1], CHS=    0-1-1, start=     0 MB, size=     250 MB

As said, you can also use LBA partition types, for example
Win9x style FAT32 LBA partitions.

Regards, Eric

PS: Yes you can use a variety of FDISK variants from within
DOS but as many things in DOS, they are not fool-proof and
there is a significant risk that you break your other OSes.

Just letting DOS "SYS" an already existing C: is much safer
as the risk of breaking stuff is limited to other OS on C:,
e.g. Win9x. You can even let Win9x and FreeDOS share C: :-)

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