On Thu, 16 Jun 2011 00:44:04 GMT Bret Johnson wrote:

> You can look at my PRTSCR utility which works with the <PrintScreen> key, 
> available on my web site:

> http://bretjohnson.us

> It has quite a few options to let you "filter" the output to some degree 
> (like skipping "menu" lines at
> the top or bottom of the screen, or skipping blank lines in the middle of the 
> screen). It also lets you
> redirect the PrintScreen output to a device (like NUL or LPT3), instead of to 
> a file. If you do multiple
> PrintScreens, it keeps appending the output to the same file instead of 
> creating a separate file each time.

I just visited your website and had a (very brief) look at your PRTSCR utility. 
(I'm not sure though whether i got the new or the old version). I must admit, 
that i didn't try it (yet) but i read the instruction file (yes, i _do_ read 
instruction files ... :-). And indeed it seems to me to be an interesting 
program --- _BUT_ it is a totally different beast.

PRTSCR implements sort of a "copy and paste" feature for DOS which means that 
it is an interactive program. If the user doesn't sit in front of the screen 
and pushes a button, nothing ever happens. In many cases this may be exactly 
what you want but not always.

SCRDUMP on the other hand is mainly targeted for automated operation. One will 
typically use it to _automatically_ copy the messages another program, e.g. a 
driver, writes to the screen (possibly during the processing of autoexec.bat or 
another installation procedure) in order to keep it for later reading.

But isn't it the advantage of a free operating system that there are several 
alternative approaches available (often more or less different) and the user 
has the freedom to pick the one that fits best his special requirements? But 
before someone can make a choice one has to know that there is one.

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