Hi Santiago,

> I was setting up a fresh FreeDOS machine and when I was about to download
> the kernel 2039. I discovered there is a new 2040 version.
> I think I miss the mail announcing it, but should I use it? Is it a stable
> kernel?

As far as I remember, kernel 2040 (4/2011) fixes some small but
annoying bugs in 2039 (8/2009) for example in handling of write
errors when buffers are flushed,  or proper distinction between
FAT32 and FAT12/FAT16 drives in certain situations,  as well as
some "hang on exit" and "double close on abort" issues. It also
improves SYS a bit, the compile process and "interrupt sharing"
so in short:  I can definitely RECOMMEND this kernel version as
a maintenance update. It should be used instead of version 2039.

For comparison,  kernel 2039 has heavy file system and "f-node"
tuning and is the first stable kernel with full country and nls
support, so it is a feature update. Kernel 2038 is a stability
and maintenance update of classic kernel 2036 while kernel 2037
is a more experimental kernel with early country / nls support.

Regards, Eric

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