Hi Kurt,

> Maybe someone would know; was playing with old fashioned 16 bit graphics,
> compiling with djgpp. The djgpp info warns that both bios and vga approach
> go outside of protected mode, so that
> mangling of the system is possible. Such programs don't even run in NTVDM
> dos emulator, but work in ,say, freedos.
>   Then tried grx under djgpp, and it also won't work in NTVDM, and will work
> in freedos. My question is: with the grx scheme, am I in protected mode?

DJGPP is always in protected mode, but you probably
wanted to ask something else about graphics. What I
did with DJGPP last time was use VESA with the nice
int 10 interface calls, allocates a handle for the
linear frame buffer, and then uses that as a large
array of bytes / shortints / ints / whatever :-)


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