> are you sure 200 is enough ?
> this should *ALWAYS* succeed, so IMHO it might be worth trying 0xffff
> instead. (and you nowhere log if this test fails)
> I can also imagine some situations where CLI might hurt ('flaky').
> in particular if some data are still in the keyboard receive buffer
> (for whatever reason), nobody will ever read these data, as reading
> keyboard data only happens at interrupt, and interupts are disabled.
> no idea if that work for your problematic computers, though ...

Believe me, I've tried about everything to fix the problem, and nothing seems 
to help.

BTW, the reson I'm raising such a big stink about this is because MS KEYB is 
the only program right now that fixes the problems on "flaky" computers.  I 
would like to see something similar from FreeDOS.  In addition, I only see BIOS 
compatibility problems getting worse in the future instead of better, with 
64-bit processors, EFI/UEFI, and "virtual BIOS's" already appearing on the 

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