>> are you sure 200 is enough ?
>> this should *ALWAYS* succeed, so IMHO it might be worth trying 0xffff
>> instead. (and you nowhere log if this test fails)
>> I can also imagine some situations where CLI might hurt ('flaky').
>> in particular if some data are still in the keyboard receive buffer
>> (for whatever reason), nobody will ever read these data, as reading
>> keyboard data only happens at interrupt, and interupts are disabled.
>> no idea if that work for your problematic computers, though ...

> Believe me, I've tried about everything to fix the problem, and nothing seems 
> to help.
I believe you that you tried almost everything; I still think that
0xffff shouldn't hurt, and CLI is even a bug

> BTW, the reson I'm raising such a big stink about this is because
> MS KEYB is the only program right now that fixes the problems on
> "flaky" computers.  I would like to see something similar from
> FreeDOS.  In addition, I only see BIOS compatibility problems
> getting worse in the future instead of better, with 64-bit
> processors, EFI/UEFI, and "virtual BIOS's" already appearing on the scene.

btw: while USB keyboards are nice, USB disks are even more popular.
and then 'full speed' hurts big time (OHCI/UHCI disks are almost
useless). whats happening with EHCI/XHCI ?


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