> I personally think that the invention of
> INT 15.4F was a mistake, though I'm sure IBM thought it was a really good 
> idea, at least at the time.

I personally think that the invention of
INT 15.4F was a fantastic idea; actually it was really necessary.

DOS is supposed to use the BIOS for all hardware access; you won't
find any (at least no many) INP or OUTP in DOS.

without INT15.4F foreign keyboard handlers are forced to INP/OUTP
which is IMO against DOS design. (ok, direct vieo access is also
against DOS's design, but that's a different story)

giving us int 15.4f makes it possible to write hardware independent
mKEYBs, allows recycling of a large part of the existing BIOS keyboard
handler, and even reuses special BIOS handling (think Fn keys on
notebookk keyboards)

INT 15.4F is great.


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