On 7/7/11, Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de> wrote:
> as freebasic (and freepascal, openwatcom, djgpp...)
> are quite complete by now, you could consider using
> your games in the "qbasic-style mode" of freebasic,

Apparently it still isn't 100% compatible but good enough for general
use. (And the -lang fb is "better" anyways.)

> maybe with some porting... You could use the dosbox
> Java applet port to run things in a web browser, or
> somehow couple freebasic to some webapp technology.

Some relevant URLs you might (??) be interested in are here (all
Java-related, natch):

* http://jpc.sourceforge.net/home_home.html

* http://jdosbox.sourceforge.net/

* http://dioscuri.sourceforge.net/

* http://jorisvr.nl/retro/

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