2011/7/7 Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de>:
> Still I think UTF-8 aware KEYB and DISPLAY together with old apps
> are still a lot more useful than any "you always have to use 16 bit
> wide characters" method which would only work with new apps at all.

KEYB would need no changes, 2-char wide characters would be a String.
True that not too comfortable to write the corresponding KL layouts,
but still feasible.

As for DISPLAY: MS-DISPLAY is a true enhancement of CON, but
FD-DISPLAY is not (yet).
Appart from turning DISPLAY into a DOS device driver and override
kernel's CON, but not only IOCTL, but also write. However, it would
still let out:
- int 10h users
- direct video BIOS writers
but would be a begining. Am I letting anything out?


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